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About Us

Founded in the spring of 2021 amidst challenging times, Timber Lakes Portable Services emerged as a beacon of opportunity and service in the Aitkin County area. Building on the legacy of Timber Lakes Septic, we embraced the challenge to provide top-notch portable toilet solutions. Our journey is rooted in the values of reliability, customer satisfaction, and community focus, inherited from our sister company, Timber Lakes Septic. Like them, we are committed to environmental responsibility and impeccable service, ensuring every client experience is seamless and satisfactory.

Short Term Rentals

From elegant outdoor galas to bustling community fairs, our short-term rental services bring comfort and convenience to any locale. Our clean, modern portable restrooms are the perfect solution for gatherings where permanent facilities are out of reach. With a range of styles to choose from, you can select the perfect fit for your event's ambiance.

Use Cases

Outdoor concerts


Sporting events

Corporate retreats


Handwash Stations
Flexible delivery and pickup times to suit your schedule
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Long Term Rentals

For projects and sites that span weeks to months, or even longer, our long-term rental options provide steadfast support. From industrial job sites to remote research stations, our units are built to withstand the test of time and usage. Regular service ensures hygiene standards are never compromised, no matter the duration of the project.

Use Cases

Construction sites

Agricultural operations

Disaster relief camps

Long-term outdoor marketplaces


Handwashing Stations
Sturdy and weather-resistant units for prolonged use
Scheduled cleaning and restocking services
Plans to fit project timelines and budget

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R.V. Services

Adventurers and road warriors alike can take solace in our comprehensive RV services. We understand the call of the open road, and the need for a clean and hygienic living space on your journey. We offer meticulous tank cleaning to ensure you can focus on making memories, not maintenance.

Use Cases

Family vacations

Cross-country tours

Festival goers


Safe and environmentally responsible waste disposal
Convenient scheduling around your travel plans

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Private Owned Outhouses

Private outhouses can be a charming aspect of rural living, but they require professional upkeep to remain sanitary and functional. Our servicing extends beyond mere cleaning; we inspect, sanitize, and ensure your outhouse is a safe, odor-free facility. Experience the blend of traditional charm with modern sanitation standards

Use Cases

Rural homes

Vacation cabins

Historical site facilities

Boutique farms


Scheduled cleaning and restocking services
Customizable plans to fit project timelines and budget

Elevate Hygiene and Comfort with Timber Lakes Portable Services

At Timber Lakes Portable Services, we believe in providing more than just a basic necessity; we deliver a premium experience.

Our handwashing stations, paired with our portable restroom options, ensure your guests, workers, or family can enjoy peace of mind, knowing that cleanliness is just a step away.

Don't compromise on hygiene or convenience. Reach out to Timber Lakes Portable Services today and ensure your next gathering is as comfortable and sanitary as it is memorable. Let's set the standard together—because everyone deserves access to clean, reliable, and easy-to-use facilities.

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